Acrylic Texture Acrylic textureAn extra finish hand-applied to a digital print to provide a more tactile surface quality that mimics the original painting.
Bled Bled paper floated within frameArtwork in which the image extends to the edge of the paper.
Cloned Border Cloned borderA technique in which approximately one inch of the image is duplicated so that the entire image remains intact when a canvas is gallery wrapped.
Diabond Digital print on diabondAn aluminum composite material with a surface similar to a brushed stainless steel.
Fine Art Paper Digital print on fine art paperA thick, milled archival quality paper.
Floated FloatedAn artwork mounting technique in which the artwork is mounted on top of the mat.
Floater Frame Canvas giclée in floater frameA framing technique in which the artwork is held in place by an anchor on the back of the frame versus the inside edges of the frame. A gap of approximately 1/4" to 1/2" is left between the outer edge of the artwork and the inside edge of the frame to give the appearance that the artwork is "floating" or suspended within the frame.
Four-Corner Offset Aluminum 4-corner offset mountAn artwork mounting technique that uses metal screws with caps in each corner of the piece to raise the artwork away from the wall.
Gallery Wrap Gallery wrapA mounting technique for canvas artwork in which the canvas is wrapped around a wooden framework so that the image continues around the edges of the frame.
Giclée A high-quality digital fine art print.
Gloss Finish A high sheen that is added to a canvas giclée to make it shiny.
Liner Framed canvas with linerA secondary frame inserted between an artwork and its outer frame to add a decorative accent.
MOD Collection MOD Collection: Lake SideModestly priced original artworks hand-painted by RFA Decor artists.
Museum Glass A non-reflective archival glass with ultraviolet-ray blocking properties.
Photo Luster A half-shiny, half-matte photo paper; matte photo paper with a sheen; matte semi-gloss photo paper.
Satin Finish A surface treatment applied to canvas artwork to give it a sheen.
Security Hardware Hidden metal devices on the back of an artwork frame that lock the frame to the wall.
Sidemarks Any notes relating to an order that should appear on the sales receipt.
Substrate The material on which a digital print is printed.