How to Hang Artwork Using Security Hardware

  1. Position the artwork on the wall. Press the two plates at the top of the frame's back into the wall to mark their position. (The plates will leave marks on most types of wall surfaces.)
  2. Security hardware plate
  3. Using the plate position marks as a guide, attach two brackets to the wall using two short drywall anchors and 1” screws.
  4. Place the artwork onto the brackets by sliding the brackets into the spaces between the frame back and the top plates on the artwork.
  5. Press the bottom plate on the artwork into the wall to mark its position, and remove the artwork from the brackets.
  6. Insert the long plastic anchor into the wall completely. Insert the T-screw into the plastic anchor until it extends ½” out of the wall.
  7. Hang the artwork on the brackets, and tilt the bottom of the frame away from the wall so that you can view the T-screw.
  8. Turn the T-screw head to a horizontal position so that it will fit into the corresponding slot in the bottom plate on the frame back. There should be a slight space between the frame and the wall.
  9. From below the picture frame, use the special T-lock wrench to turn the T-screw one quarter turn (90 degrees) to a vertical position so that the head of the T-screw locks the frame into place on the wall.