How to Hang Artwork Using Four-Corner Offset Mounts

  1. To secure artwork to a wood wall use 8- or 9-gauge countersunk head wood screws or bolts.

    To secure artwork to plaster board, concrete or block-type walls use wall anchors.

    Use the front panel of your artwork as a template to mark and position the screws, bolts or wall anchors. Insert them into the wall.

  2. Attach the “A” parts onto the countersunk screws, bolts or wall anchors.
  3. A part
  4. Hang the artwork by positioning the protruding ends of the “A” parts through the holes in the piece, then screw the “B” parts onto the “A” parts to secure the artwork in place.
  5. B part
  6. Screw the “C” parts into the “B” parts to further secure the piece and provide a decorative finish.
  7. C part