How to Hang Artwork at Eye Level Using Hooks and Wire

Eye level is approximately 62” from the floor. To hang artwork at eye level using hooks and wire:
  1. Measure the height of the artwork and divide it by 2 to determine its midpoint.
  2. Hang the artwork from one finger if one hook will be used, or two fingers if two hooks will be used, using the wire on the back of the piece. Measure the distance from the wire on your finger to the top of the artwork to determine the hanging point.
  3. Subtract the hanging point distance determined in Step 2 from the midpoint distance determined in Step 1 and add it to 62”. This is the height at which the hook(s) should be attached to the wall.

    Example: if you have a work of art that is 24” high, the midpoint would be 12” (24" divided by 2). If the hanging distance from your finger to the top of the artwork is 3”, subtract 3” from 12”. Add the resulting distance (9”) to 62” to determine the position of the hook(s). In this case, the hook(s) should be positioned 71" from the floor.
  4. Mark the wall at this point from the floor and attach your hook(s) to the wall aligning the bottom(s) of the hook(s) with your marking(s).
  5. Hang your artwork from the hook(s).