At RFA Decor, our staff's personalities are as colorful as our works of art. We like to paint with a full palette, believing that every color has its own beauty. Our highly dedicated, talented, creative team shares a love of art and a commitment to be the best.

We know you have to have the right tools in order to create a great work of art. That's why we consider our people the perfect palette.

To paint you a picture of who we are and what we do, RFA Decor currently employs: a marathon runner, two photographers, a horror film fanatic, three gourmet cooks, four workout enthusiasts, a PlayStation master, a well-traveled couple, two softball coaches, a mother of twins, an avid baseball spectator, five artists, a boater, two jewelry designers, a karaoke singer, two salsa dancers, a crocheter, three dog lovers and a gourmet imported cheese lover.

Career Opportunities

Do you belong in our spectrum? We're always looking for skilled, motivated and bright personalities to join our well-versed team. If you share a passion for artistic and personal integrity, please consider joining us! Email our HR department with your resume and qualifications.